Brake Rotors

Shimano SM-RT70 Disc Brake Rotor (ISMRT70)
Shimano SLX SM-RT70-S 160mm Centerlock Disc Brake Rotor: Shimano SLX SM-RT70 centre-lock disc brake rotor delivers powerful and consistent brake performance in all riding conditions. 3-layer structure with aluminium core and two stainless steel outer layers reduces rotor surface temperature by approximately 100 degrees Celsius compared to all-steel rotors Aluminium...
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Shimano SM-RT800 Disc Brake Rotor (ISMRT800S)
High heat dissipation by radiator fin Lightweight Compact, clean, and low-profile design Easy installation to the rear wheel Narrow-type disc brake rotor Recommended Brake kit: M9120/M8120/M7120 140mm ROTOR FOR DISC BRAKE,SM-RT800, SS 140MM, W/LOCK RING(INTERNAL SERRATION), IND.PACK 160mm ROTOR FOR DISC BRAKE,SM-RT800, S 160MM, W/LOCK RING(INTERNAL SERRATION), IND.PACK 
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Shimano SM-RT98-M Deore XTR Disc Brake Rotor (ISMRT98)
ICE TECHNOLOGY shield: cooling technology for even performance Holder of the clad disc: three-layer structure stainless steel / aluminium / stainless steel Mud shield holder The two-element design ensures rigidity and low weight Different shield sizes adapted to many driving styles Shield types: 140, 160, 180mm
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