Cannondale KNOT SystemBar
The Cannondale KNOT System Bar gives you the benefits of a two piece system, with the low drag of a one piece system. There are 8 degrees of pitch adjustment. The narrow bar width has flared drops so you have extra low drag when on the hoods. These carbon bars...
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Loaded Handlebar AmXC 31.8mm x 710mm
Loaded AmX Handlebar — Loaded Precision AmX bars are designed to absorb whatever the trail may throw your way. At 31" wide, this bar is an all-out monster, designed and engineered for the hard-core gravity lover. Engineered from 7075 aluminum, the AmX handlebar combines high-performance strength and durability with lightweight...
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3T Handlebar ERGONOVA Ltd 31.8mm x 380mm
Brand: 3T   A new graphic design and more importantly, internal cable routing, make this bar even more attractive on all counts. The 3T Ergonova handlebar sets a new standard in comfort riding, appreciated by pros and amateurs alike. The top of the bar is egg-shaped in section – the...
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Cannondale KNOT SystemStem - 17 Degree
Free Shipping Worldwide The Cannondale KNOT SystemStem -17 Degree is the second part of the SystemBar system to help provide low drag and give the sleek look of one-piece system with the fit and interchangeability of a two-piece system. There are 8 degrees of pitch adjustment on these alloy stems....
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