Guru Dynamic Bike Fit

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At Cannasia, we proud to offer the Guru Fit Experience as one of our premium services. The heart of the fitting experience is the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit 2.0.

A proper bike fit is said to be one of the most important aspects to getting the most performance and enjoyment out of cycling. This is especially true for road cycling, where riders spend many hours in the same position.

There are few groups of people who would benefit most from a proper bike fit:
  1. Beginners who are not familiar with how a bike should fit and feel. A professional fitting will give you a good reference point of how comfortable a bike should fit.
  2. People who are unable to get comfortable on their current setup or have nagging injuries. A good bike fitting will help alleviate or eliminate discomfort and improve performance.
  3. Competitive cyclists who are looking for marginal gains. As well as to affirm that their current position is optimal for them.
  4. It is also common for optimal bike fit to evolve over time due to changes fitness, flexibility, weight loss or injury.

If you fall into one of these groups, a professional bike fit will be able to improve your cycling experience.

 The fit process will go something like this:

  1. Conduct a pre-fit assessment; Learn about your riding experience and goals. Evaluate fitness level, flexibility, injury history.
  2. Conduct shoe/cleat setup if required.
  3. The fitter will then conduct the fit and introduce a variety of position changes while you ride on the fly. Like an optometrist, the fitter will ask, “Do you like position A or B better? C or D?”
  4. The system’s built-in power meter offers real-time data as position changes alter power output. Motion and video capture is also available.
  5. Once the fit is achieved the computer software looks up the bikes in its database and gives a list of brands, models and ideal sizes. (For bike finder fitting)
  6. User data is recorded, allowing the fitter to go back in at a later date to make fit tweaks or set up another bike. 

    Guru Bike Finder - Is meant to help you find a bike TYPE that suits your riding style and usage

    Guru Dynamic Bike Fit - Is the most popular package, meant to help determine the best bike configuration for your body dimensions and riding style (either your current bike or one you plan to get)

    Guru Optimized Bike Fit - Similar to the "Dynamic Bike Fit" but aimed exclusively for Time-Trial bike setup

    Please call +65 9746 3056 to arrange an appointment