Cannondale Lefty Fatty Solo Rigid OPI 1.5" Disc

SGD $400
Tax included.

Cannondale Bad boy 1.5 headtube or Hooligan 1.5 headtube replacement fork, the Fatty SOLO Rigid is a perfect rigid fork for Cannondale 26" frames or Bad Boy 700c frames with the oversized Cannondale 1.5" Headtube. 

Suits 26" Cannondale frame 1.5 headtube, Bad boy frame 1.5 headtube, Hooligan 1.5 headtube
Weight: 916g
Steerer: 1.5" standard, not headshox 1.56"
Steerer length: 330mm
Axle to Crown: 414mm

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