Minoura Swing Grip SWG-400 Bike Computer and Light Mount 100mm

SGD $35
Tax included.
The Minoura Swing Grip SWG-400 stem and seatpost mount offers completely new possibilities to mount your bike computer, GPS device, smartphone mount or battery light. Once fitted to the stem, the compact and flexible extender mount with a 100 mm wide aluminium tube offers enough space for two additional accessories. The answer to your space problems! Thanks to an infinitely adjustable arm angle, the Minoura Swing Grip SWG-400 bike computer and light mount is easily adapted to your needs. Cuts a fine figure on stem and seatpost.

· Adjustable bike computer and light mount for stems or seatposts
· Additional room for up to 2 accessories
· Fits stem and seat post Ø of 27,2 mm to 35,0 mm (oversized)
· Infinitely adjustable arm angle
· Width of aluminium tube: approx. 100 mm (Ø approx. 22,2 mm)
· Position on the aluminium tube adjustable by approx. 25 mm to the left and right
· Material: aluminium
· Weight: approx. 88 g
· Max. load: 300 g

In the box: Minoura Swing Grip SWG-400 mount for Ø 35,0 mm, adapter for Ø 31,8 mm and Ø 27,7 mm, 2 reducer rubbers (1 mm and 2 mm)

ATTENTION: Only suitable for round handlebars or seat posts.

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