Powerbreathe K3

SGD $160
Tax included.

Electric POWERBreathe unit must be plugged into the power socket to work

The K3 is suitable for everyone! The device adjusts to your breathing ability so that the resistance to your inspiratory breath safely challenges you. Whether you suffer from breathing conditions like asthma or are recovering from long-COVID, the K3 can help improve how well you breathe. This digital breathing trainer is also popular amongst sportspeople and athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.

Benefits of breathing training with POWERbreathe IMT include:

  • More energy with less effort
  • Improved sports performance
  • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure
  • Faster recovery after exercise
  • Improve symptoms of COPD, heart failure, asthma, COVID, stroke and more

Strengthen your diaphragm- Breathing training with the POWERbreathe K3 focuses on strengthening your diaphragm rather than your lungs. This is because your lungs are a pair of spongy, air-filled organs, and not muscle, and therefore cannot be strengthened.

Patented ‘intelligent tapering system’- The K3 uses a patented and researched based ‘intelligent tapering system’ that matches the strength profile of your breathing muscles. This is the most effective way of training your breathing muscles, compared to conventional methods.

The K-Series devices feature an electronically controlled ‘tapered flow resistance’ that uses a computer controlled rotary valve to create the resistance to your in-breath. As a result of this, resistance is not fixed at the same level throughout your breath. This is because the device automatically reduces the resistance as you progress through your breath, matching the load to your declining muscle strength.

Use a wider range of breathing muscles- The tapered flow enables you to perform a longer inspiration and use a wider range of breathing muscles, so you achieve higher flow and higher tidal volumes for better results. It achieves this by automatically adapting to increases in your inspiratory muscle strength at the beginning of each training session. What this means is that the training load is highest at the start of your inhalation and then gradually decreases as your lungs fill with air.

Automatic setup- During the first two breaths of each training session there is no resistance and you should inhale as quickly and deeply as possible. It’s during these breaths that the K-Series device measures your maximum breathing capability. Training load is then gradually introduced during breaths three and four until full loading is achieved for breath five and onwards. During these breaths, you will find it increasingly harder to inhale as you ‘weight-train’ your inspiratory muscles.

Monitor training progress- Training measurement results are displayed on the device’s LCD screen, allowing you to monitor training progress and optimise your training technique.

See results after 4-6 weeks- Consistently follow the training regime of 30 breaths, twice a day to feel less breathless during exertion in 4-6 weeks. This is scientifically proven.

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