Shimano Dura Ace RD-7970-A 10-Speed Rear Derailleur

SGD $1,135
Tax included.
  • For double gearing configurations
    Weight: 225 g.
    10-spd compatible

    Like the 7900 mechanical derailleur, the 7970 has a new carbon fiber rear pulley cage and the new design is compatible with wider range cogsets, accommodating up to a 27 tooth cog. The differences are the fact that the unit is now driven by a servo motor instead of a cable and spring, so shifts are identical and precise every time as the computer control unit analyzes each shift.
    The derailleur has a built in mechanism that will allow the body to move inward under impact to reduce the potential for damage in the case of a crash. Cycling through the shifting a couple of times allows the shifter and rear derailleur to automatically re-synchronize.

    Features of the Dura Ace 7970 rear derailleur

    • Carbon fiber rear pulley cage for lighter weight without loss of durability
    • New geometry allows for use of 27 tooth max cog
    • Servo saving feature allows derailleur body to move inward on impact to reduce or eliminate damage to the component and servo motor

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