Snapcycle Roadmaster Mid-Drive E-Bike

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Snapcycle Roadmaster is Singapore's First Mid-Drive E-Bike.
Revolutionising the eBike scene in Singapore, the Snapcycle Roadmaster proudly stands as the country's premier Mid-Drive eBike, offering a cutting-edge cycling experience like never before. Engineered with precision and packed with advanced features, this eBike is designed to elevate your rides to new heights of performance and enjoyment.
Singapore's 1st mid-Drive eBike, LTA Approved
The Snapcycle Roadmaster comes with a Mid-Drive Motor with built-in Torque Sensor. It offers you the best cycling experience with no ghost pedaling. Here are some of the highlights on its specifications: 504 Wh LG Lithium Ion Battery, Full Hydraulic Brakes, 700C Road Tyres with reflective strips,-Speed Shimano Derailleur, and Colour LCD Display
Rain-Proof Powerful Mid-Drive Motor - 85Nm Torque
The Snapcycle Roadmaster boasts a powerful Mid-Drive Motor equipped with a sophisticated torque sensor, eliminating any ghost pedalling sensation and providing you with seamless, responsive assistance. The mid-drive eBike is more energy efficient. With the same battery capacity, the mid-drive eBike can cover a significantly longer distance compared to a hub motor eBike
This motor is IP65 rated, making it completely rainproof, even in heavy downpours. Say goodbye to concerns about water damage during rainy rides. The integrated torque sensor delivers instant power to the rider as soon as they start pedaling.
When tackling uphill terrains, the motor's immense power with 85Nm max torque allows this eBike to outpace those equipped with a 48v hub motor, ensuring a swift and efficient journey.
504Wh Detachable LG Lithium-Ion Battery
The Roadmaster batteries are rated 504Wh and are made of premium LG INR18650-MJ1 cells, which are renowned for their long lifespans and excellent performance. With an energy-efficient mid-drive motor, this eBike ensures an impressive range, allowing you to explore farther without worrying about running out of juice. Say goodbye to range anxiety and embrace longer more adventurous rides.
The battery management system (BMS) compiles with EN ISO 13849-1:2015 standards and comes with temperature protection features to enhance its durability and safety. With each charge, you'll get to enjoy up to 60 miles of range on pedal-assist mode.
Colour LCD & 7-Speed Shimano Gearing
Achieve the perfect balance between power and versatility with the 7-speed Shimano gearing. Effortlessly switch between gears to conquer challenging inclines or cruise along flat roads at a high speed with ease.
Stay informed and in control with the vibrant colour LCD display. Access real-time data such as speed, distance covered, battery level, and assist mode at a glance, ensuring you have all the information you need during your rides.
Technical Specifications
  • Motor - 250W Mid-Drive Motor, IP65 Water-Resistant, 85Nm Max Torque

  • Max Speed - <25km/hr with motor assist; >25km/hr by pedalling

  • Battery - 504Wh with LG MJ1 Cells, detachable

  • Range - Up to 120km (at low pedal-assist)

  • Charging time - 5-7 hours

  • Safety Standard - EN15194:2017, LTA Registered Orange Seal, Singapore Safety Mark (Charger)

  • Max Payload Capacity - 110kg

  • Brakes - Hydraulic Brakes with 160mm Rotors

  • Unladen Weight - 19.5 kg

  • Wheels - 700C Roadbike Wheels, Kenda tires with circular reflective strip

  • LCD Display - Color LCD Display, with 5 power adjustment levels

  • Sensor - Torque Sensor

  • Front Light - White LED Light

  • Dimension - 1815x615x1025mm

LTA Advisory Message

If you intend to ride a bicycle, PAB or PMD on any public path, please ensure that the device meets the following criteria before riding:

  • Must be registered with LTA (applicable to PABs and PMDs);
  • Maximum weight not exceeding 20kg; Maximum width not exceeding 70cm;
  • Maximum motorised device speed of 25km/h (applicable to PMDs) or maximum motor-assistance speed of 25km/h (applicable to PABs);
  • Must be UL2272-certified (applicable to motorised PMDs);
  • Must comply with the EN15194 standard (applicable to PABs);
  • Maximum continuous rated power of 250W (applicable to PABs);
  • Must not have any start-up assistance/throttle feature (applicable to PABs).

To read more details, you can go to LTA Website.

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